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Building Confidence
Building Confidence - GRH Training


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Your course tutor is Anita Kate Garai

Anita Kate Garai, tutor for GRH Training



What previous participants have to say:


I am now aware that being a good or perfect parent isn’t possible and that the pressures that I feel have been placed on me from childhood. Also that I don’t want my children to feel not good enough based on how I feel about my parenting.

I have learnt about not passing my anxiety down the chain to my kids and that the chain should be broken so that they have self-worth and are free and happy to be who they want to be without being expected to be perfectly behaved as there is no such thing.

I feel that I have learnt about how not to overthink and to not always talk when I am in social situations. I have learnt that I can be in the moment and I don’t constantly have to think of things to say. I can just relax and I don’t always have to put pressure on myself to join in or initiate conversations.

I have noticed that I experience fight or flight when I am in social situations and how I can now notice this and be calmer. Also that freeing myself from my own judgement and that of others will make me feel calmer and more likely to say yes to things.

This has helped me by learning every day to work on the war within myself and to challenge long held beliefs that I have weighing me down.

I would really like to have this course for children as it has taken me 40+ years to learn about this and it would be lovely if this was ingrained into children so that they don’t get anxiety in the first place. I learned relaxation techniques, as well as how to learn to challenge self-beliefs that my mind has made up to discourage or protect me.  Learnt to go from comfort zone to pushing boundaries and be confident enough to do this.  I feel like there is more to learn and benefit from and I think the course would benefit from being longer.  Having the creche is helpful as it allows for learning time for both myself and my little boy.

I learnt how to have confidence in myself to do things I was too anxious to do before, like letting my child out of her buggy.  I never did that before, but this week I used the techniques I learnt here – and I did it!  And she surprised me at how good she was!  Now I get to hold her hand walking to nursery.  It’s great!  She’s happier and I’m happier too! The three circles really helped with me.  Creche also helped because it allowed me to be able to come to this course.

I feel that Anita has a wonderful approach and way of understanding and engaging with the group. She listens and helps with thoughtful insights which opens the way for positive change to develop clarity. I learned about myself through reflection and questioning my own beliefs, with Anita’s guidance. I have been practicing sitting with my feelings, noticing them in my body. I’ve been conscious of how I’ve reacted to certain situations and had time to question my approaches. I’ve accepted things I was telling myself were wrong, I have put myself first and made space and time for myself. I have begun to think about my boundaries and stopped trying to people please. I feel lucky, I’m happily and this has made my relationships easier. My family are benefiting and things have felt less stressed.

I achieved privilege of knowing myself, learning how to have relationships with myself and enjoy my company.

I discovered a different way to deal with my difficult emotions.

I learnt to how to identify core beliefs that have defined the way I live my life and that I can change it.