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Story Sacks
Story Sacks - GRH Training


Story Sacks: making storytelling interactive and fun

Sharing a story with your child is always a special experience, but this course will help you to take story-times up to the next level.

By taking inspiration from the characters and themes of your child’s favourite story book, you will be supported to harness your creativity skills by making your own resources, such as puppets and games, and to design a special sack in which to store them.

These inexpensive, fun and educational materials will support your child’s learning by incorporating appropriate elements of literacy, phonics and numeracy. You will also be introduced to a range of different books which could inspire your child’s imagination with new and exciting adventures.

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Your course tutor is Sasha

Sasha - tutor at GRH Training


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What previous participants have to say: our testimonials


The course is really good fun and the tutor was so good and fun with her ideas and stories.

Really helped to think creatively about different activities and learning opportunities whilst having fun through stories.   Thank you so much – it’s so lovely to have an opportunity to learn new skills that will benefit our children without there being any barriers – having a free, interesting and fun course with other mums, with creche included is amazing!

Different resources which included literacy/English and maths and thinking about life skills.  Been more creative than I thought. Sewing.  Lovely tutor, very welcoming, helpful with lots of different ideas to help me with creating resources for my story sack.  Very proud of what I’ve managed to achieve, inc. sewing.

I made friends and learned more about education.

The course has helped me develop in confidence with stories.

Sasha is a wonderful inspiration and full of absolutely wonderful ideas. Thank you.