Get Ready for Reception

Get Ready For Reception - GRH Training
Get Ready for Reception
Get Ready for Reception - GRH Training


Get Ready For Reception – A practical and emotionally supportive course to help you and your child prepare for starting school.

How to enrol:


Tel : 07875133345

Or contact us via the contact page.

Your course tutors are
Anita Kate Garai

Anita Kate Garai, tutor for GRH Training

…and Rose

Rose, Trainer for GRH Training



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What previous participants have to say: our testimonials

We have now completed the course – it was really good I must say and very beneficial.

It made me think of things that I need to let *** do independently, like zipping up her own coat. We also learnt some interesting ways to allow her to express her feelings by using pictures. I also liked the idea of using cotton wool and sandpaper as ways of expressing how to be towards others and how it can make you feel.

Helped me pin pointing what I need to focus on with my daughter before starting school.

I found the course to be very beneficial, and glad we were able to take part.  The tutor was brilliant with the children, she was very patient and made everyone feel comfortable. She’s warm & smiley.