Parent and Child Signing

Parent and Child Signing - GRH Training
Parent and Child Signing
Parent and Child Signing - GRH Training


Parent and Child Signing: supporting your child’s communication development

Have you ever wondered what your baby is trying to say? Learning how to use sign language for key words, at the same time as speaking to your child, could help them to learn how to express themselves with their hands before their speech develops, which could help to relieve their frustration.

These fun and easy short courses, in friendly and informal groups, held at local Family Hubs or via Zoom sessions, will develop the skills you need to teach your child to sign a wide range of everyday topics, helping them to build confidence in using functional vocabulary as well as supporting their communication development. 150+ signs are covered.


How to enrol:


Tel : 07875133345

Or contact us via the contact page.

Your course tutors…

Liz Osborne, GRH Training



What previous participants have to say:


This was an absolute asset to have a strong team of a truly helpful Health visitor sign posting this course to me, an excellent administrator sending me all the information I needed and a wonderful teacher who taught me skills that are so valuable to us as a family. An excellent course that I thoroughly recommend to anyone needing additional support communicating with their baby /child. I’m amazed this is free as it’s a course I would have happily paid for.

I learned more than I thought I ever would it was a great class it helped me so much for my son.  The teacher was so lovely she understood the problems we had and Tried to help us so much and for that I’m very grateful to her she will always be in the back of my mind for what she has done for me and my son. I owe you and Liz everything for what you both done for me thank you both so much and have a happy Christmas and new year.

 I didn’t really know what to expect, but I didn’t expect to be using signs so quickly and to retain the information so easily. Liz was an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed the course, I felt the course content was all very relevant and applicable. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the course worked on Zoom.

The lessons were very helpful and relaxed, the atmosphere set was very good for gaining confidence with our learning and signing. Very happy with the course

Thank you so much for a fantastic course!  Enjoyed every session!  Learnt so much more than I thought I would!

Our tutor was very thorough she always explain everything to us and give us time to ask questions if we don’t understand and never let us feel like we can’t ask her to repeat or go over something one or all of us don’t understand, I personally would love to do the course again with her as my tutor, my family and friends are also benefiting from this course as I’m signing to them as well.

A HUGE thank you to both yourself and Liz. The course has been fantastic, Liz is an incredible teacher especially considering it was via zoom, and you have been so great at organising everything. So thank you!

Such a fantastic course!  I’ve been looking for a signing class for a few years now & now I’m so glad I did this course & put this into practise with my daughter.  Thank you!

Just to say a massive thank you for offering such a vital course to the community of parents. I’ve learned so much and will take these learnings forward with my daughter.

I’ve very much enjoyed the course, Liz is a wonderful teacher and has plenty of knowledge to share!

I picked up a lot of information in the sessions I attended and really enjoyed taking part. I didn’t expect to pick things up so quickly but Liz is a really great teacher

A huge thank you to Liz – she was a brilliant facilitator.  We really valued this course and recognise that it’s a huge privilege to be able to take advantage  of this important skill free of charge.

Absolutely loved it so glad I can finally communicate with my youngest

Hiya, I really enjoyed the course! It really has helped me and my son. He’s signing away to me and trying to talk when he’s doing it too, so I’m so happy! Thank you!  Can you also tell Liz she’s amazing! She really made it enjoyable.

I surprised myself how quickly I picked it up! Really enjoyed it, and seeing my son sign back to me has been amazing.  I felt at ease straight away, I was nervous at the start, but it really was a great course! Liz was amazing! 😁

The way Liz linked signs with ways to remember them was very helpful, she is an excellent teacher.  I engaged better with others on the course as it was a very friendly environment for learning.

I’ve learned what a positive impact signing has for when my baby needs to transition from one activity, place or position to another- she is much calmer

The course was great, I have learnt so much and feel so much better and confident signing with my child. Liz was great and created a supportive environment on the course.

I would just like to say a huge thank you! The course was fantastic and I feel I have learnt so much!

Highly recommend! Liz’s way of teaching is easy to follow and interactive. It’s also very relaxed if you have to settle your baby or if they join the session!

I loved the course. I learnt so much and my baby has started to sign back. Liz is a fun, gentle teacher and the classes were very enjoyable. I particularly liked how she included everyone.

Liz has been a fantastic teacher. She is calm, patient and has a great sense of humour!

Learnt more than I expected. Great learning environment. Thank you!

This course was amazing, Liz is an incredible & very competent teacher.

Excellent course, taught well, would love more!

Learnt a new way to emphasise what I am saying to my non-verbal toddler.  He seems to pay more attention when watching signing & speech.  Our trainer Liz was incredibly warm and really understanding of my son’s additional needs & constantly made me feel welcomed and wanted in the course.  She set up a beautiful play area every week for my son to enjoy.

Liz does an amazing job at answering questions & ensuring a good understanding for everyone throughout the course.