3, 2, 1…Cook!

321Cook! GRH Training


3, 2, 1 … Cook!

19 years old & over

Collage from 321 Cook! Bexhill Jan 24Every recipe uses numbers, from working out weights and measures to calculating oven temperatures and times.

Building confidence by mastering some of the everyday maths skills used in cooking will not just benefit you in the kitchen, it will help to support many other aspects of your life as well.

If you are over 19 and don’t have a GCSE grade C (or equivalent) qualification in maths, this fun cookery course will give you the opportunity to create a variety of dishes, while exploring and practising different functional maths elements at the same time.

Benefits include - GRH Training

Benefits include:
  • Small groups, of no more than 8 participants
  • Support is offered in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • Everyday maths skills embedded into the kitchen
  • A great stepping stone toward doing a Functional Skills Maths course

Incentives - GRH Training

  • A weekly goody bag containing the key ingredients required to replicate one of the dishes at home
  • Access to key cooking equipment required for creating the dishes at home

Suitable for... GRH Training

Suitable for…

19+ adults without a grade C/4 GCSE (or equivalent) qualification, particularly those with low confidence around their functional, daily maths skills


Length and location - GRH Training

Length and location of program

Total of 16 hours ( 4 x 4-hour sessions)

Available in various locations across East Sussex.


How to enrol:

Email: 321Cook@grhtraining.co.uk

Tel : 07875133345

Or contact us via the contact page.

Your course tutor is Gail

Gail - Tutor for GRH Training


GRH Training Testimonials
What previous participants have to say:


Maths is not as scary as I thought!

Come and join, it’s a fun way to learn maths

All teaching and learning activities were amazing at helping me to understand maths

I didn’t realise, until this course, how much maths I really used. I’d like a longer course.  If you can join, do it – it’s a fun way to learn maths.

I’m not finding maths as scary now.

Have loved doing this course – wish I could do it again!

I’m feeling a lot more confident with using my maths & noticing how much I have to use in every day life.

The maths tuition and notes were very clear and well presented, as were the recipes.

It has made me see maths differently, I didn’t realise I used so much maths everyday.  It is a great course and a very friendly, kind tutor.

I would say the course is very friendly and useful. I have learnt so much and the recipes are wonderful.

It made me realise I can use maths in my life.  The teaching and learning activities helped me to learn and I loved everything about it.

I use maths more than I realised and I’m feeling more confident with it.

I’m feeling more confident with everyday maths.  My division is improving and my subtraction.  I can see how basic maths knowledge makes shopping and working out recipe ingredients better and subtraction and division is easier too!

I’d definitely encourage anyone to try this course – especially whoever finds maths and basic cookery hard.

I’m feeling a lot more confident with using my maths.


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The 3, 2, 1, COOK! course is provided via Multiply – Skills for life.