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Mighty MiniBeasts - GRH Training

Mighty Minibeasts

2.5hr workshop for primary-age children

Children are often fascinated by bugs, and this fun workshop will take them on an educational voyage of discovery into the micro-world of minibeasts.

Armed with magnifying glasses, they will go out on a hunt in search of small creatures, such as spiders, millipedes, worms and beetles, exploring their habitats and learning how to record what they find. They’ll also collect a range of natural materials, such as twigs, stones and leaves, which they’ll use to make minibeast-themed artworks when they get back to base. There will be a fun minibeast quiz to test them on their knowledge of slugs and bugs and they will be rewarded at the end with a certificate to take home.


How to enrol:

Email: rachael@grhtraining.co.uk

Tel : 07875133345

Or contact us via the contact page.

Your course tutor is Sasha

Sasha - tutor at GRH Training

Testimonials - GRH Training - child
What previous participants have to say: our testimonials


Thank you for the lovely activity.  It was very informative and interesting subject.  We enjoyed being outside exploring minibeasts.

Tutor was inspiring, used appropriate language for all ages and engaged with all members. Friendly and welcoming.

A great course! Please do more 🙂

Lovely tutor, friendly, loads of energy, enjoyed our morning, helpful. “Really, really awesome.”

My children absolutely loved the workshop – variety of activities, lovely tutor, good engagement 10/10

I didn’t know what to expect but we were both excited and learned lots!

I got a better understanding of what makes different minibeasts.  It was a wonderful session! Amazing tutor! Thank you.

I felt I had a good understanding of minibeasts but we learnt a lot – tutor was friendly, informative & helpful.

Sasha was very engaging and welcoming.  Fantastic workshop, fun yet factual.

Sasha’s enthusiasm was really great, lovely activities.