Manage your (Robux) Money!

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Manage your Roblox Money! - GRH Training

Manage your (Robux) Money!

A course for children aged 7-11


Managing money is a skill that, as adults, we have to learn in order to stay on top of family budgets – particularly as we cope with the rising cost of living. This is also an important skill that we need to teach to our children for them to become more confident with managing their own money as they grow up.  Come along and explore ideas and strategies to help your children to learn about budgeting, saving and what to do if they don’t have enough money. This can help them to manage their Robux and pocket money while they’re little and support them to build vital life skills for their future.


How to enrol:


Tel : 07875133345

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Your course tutor is Gail

Gail - Tutor for GRH Training