Sasha - tutor at GRH Training
Sensational Stories Imp
Sasha - tutor at GRH Training


Firstly, welcome to GRH!  Rachael has asked me to write a bit about myself, so let’s see how much of this blurb she vets! 

Since the age of 14 (now 53), I’ve worked with children in various roles – riding for the disabled, playgroup for neglected and abused children, running a drama club, Youth Church leader, Sky TV promotional events guide for children with the TV characters, Primary School teacher (specializing in reading and writing), have taught ages 2 to 25, in mainstream and in SEN settings.  I have also home tutored both young and older students.  When not working for GRH, I do TA work in schools across Hastings.  I am fortunate enough to have been invited to be a Hastings Literacy Champion – this is a volunteer role whereby we promote a love of books (my favourites will always be story books). 

I am often asked why I went into education – it’s simple, I absolutely despised school to the point I was asked ‘politely’ to leave four of them!  I was never rude, just bored and thus a little rebellious. Each of the four schools confirmed that they didn’t have the capacity to keep me engaged. I was taught, always sitting down and desks were in a row from reception upwards.  We had no visual stimulus, we were inactive and there was no ‘sound’ allowed.

So yes, I’m now doing the exact opposite: I have five full courses which I have designed this year, my first year with GRH.  I love alliteration, so all my courses and workshops are alliteratively named: Sensational Stories, Story Sacks, Physical Phonics, Rhyming Rabbits and Sassy Symbols (Maths).  My workshops: Mighty MiniBeasts, MiniBeasts Masters, Busy Bears (language and communication whilst hunting my gorgeous huge bear and his enormous pooh!), Jumping Jacks – a slightly higher level than Busy Bears, with a bit of fun Science  thrown in for good measure. Haunty Hallows, Feisty Fireworks, Green Giants (May Day and Jack in the Green) and Golden Globes (how we can look after our planet).  Each and every one of them involves being creative, interactive, noisy, active and most importantly to have as much fun as possible!  I just want to help people be confident and see how learning can be fun, and not scary or intimidating.

I am really looking forward to meeting so many wonderful families in the future.  And here, I would like to say a big thank you to GRH for ‘unleashing the beast’, as Rachael would say!  I absolutely love being a Family Learning Tutor – I never knew that a job existed which would release my inner child to run free and help others.


Courses Tutored by Sasha


Sensational Stories - GRH Training
Sensational Stories
Set your imagination on fire with fun activities inspired by story books
Story Sacks - GRH Training
Make stories more fun!
Make interactive resources that you can share with your child to make story telling exciting and fun!
Physical Phonics - GRH Training
Physical Phonics
Literacy focused games and activities, ideal for parents/carers of children aged 3 – 6.


Rhyming Rabbits - GRH Training
Rhyming Rabbits
Communication, language & literacy focus through the use of rhymes and story books.

Ideal for parents/carers of children aged 1 - 3.
Sassy Symbols - GRH Training
Sassy Symbols
Numeracy focused games, art & music, ideal for parents/carers of children aged 3 – 6


Workshops Tutored by Sasha


Busy Bears Workshop - GRH Training
Busy Bears Workshop
Communication, language & literacy focus through the use of a popular book.

Ideal for parents/carers of children aged 2 - 4
GRH Training - Haunty Hallows Halloween Workshop
Haunty Hallows Halloween Workshop
Get into the ghostly spirit of Halloween by sharing some frightfully fun activities with your child.
Mighty MiniBeasts - GRH Training
Mighty MiniBeasts!
Go on a scavenger hunt with magnifying glasses and make your own mini beast model! !
For children aged 4-11.


: Image-Coming-Soon-to-GRH-Training

Woody Wonders

: Image-Coming-Soon-to-GRH-Training

Pebble Puzzlers

…and a range of themed craft workshops for Halloween, Xmas, Valentines Day, Easter/Spring, Earth Day & May Day!
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